During the current administration, numerous government employees and agencies have been fired, reassigned, or disbanded  for simply doing their jobs.  Thousands more have resigned.   

"The easiest way to get fired at Camp Runamuck is to do your job the way it's supposed to be done, regardless of how vividly it illustrates the clown college that is this administration."  Charles P. Pierce

"Our citizens are being subjected to the same kinds of attacks tyrants launch against their critics and political opponents. Those who choose loyalty to American values and allegiance to the Constitution over devotion to a mendacious president and his enablers are punished."  Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman 

Some notable exits from government service include -

August 2020 - Brian Murphy,  Principal Deputy Undersecretary in the Office of Intelligence and Analysis, DHS.  Former FBI agent , Marine Veteran. Demoted when he refused to alter intelligence reports to

  • Suppress facts the President might find objectionable, including information about Russian interference in the election and the rising threat posed by white supremacists. 

  • Modify a section of a report to say that the threat posed by white supremacists is less severe than that of “left-wing” groups. 

He refused to alter the reports because doing so would "constitute an abuse of authority and improper administration of an intelligence program." He was then taken off the project.  He has filed a whistleblower complaint regarding the actions of his superiors, including Ken Cuccinelli, the acting deputy DHS secretary.

5 August 2020 - Stephen Akard  resigned after 3 months as the State Department's acting internal watchdog.  He was appointed in May upon the ouster of Steve Linick.  (see below). 

18 June 2020 - Geoffrey Berman, U.S. Attorney, SDNY - Took office in 2018; Oversaw the prosecution of a number of Trump's associates.  Trump lackey Barr falsely proclaimed Berman “resigned" before eventually firing him. 

27 May 2020 - Glenn Fine, Resigned after being removed in April as the Defense Department's Principal Inspector General, Chair of the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee – watchdog overseeing the trillions being spent by Washington to mitigate the economic damage caused by the pandemic.  

15 May 2020 - Steve Linick, State Department's Inspector General - Independent executive branch watch dog who found fault with 

the Trump administration.  Linick was pursuing at least two investigations directly affecting Secretary of State Pompeo at the time of his firing. 

1 May 2020 - Christi A. Grimm, the principal deputy inspector general of DHHS - Published an article (1 May 2020) -The United States was too slow in its coronavirus response and banning travel from Europe

April 2020 - Dr. Rick Bright, director of BARDA (Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority) - Raised concerns about US preparedness for coronavirus in January 2020. 

Federal Agencies that have been left powerless or severely impacted Include: 

National Security Council global health security team (focus: pandemics)

National Security Council

Federal Merit Systems Protection Board

Federal Elections Commission 

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To add to the list, please contact us with the name of the employee or agency and what they did.