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to our members,

Carole Nelson (nominated by us) and

Sue & John Everett (nominated by DWD) who were honored on 17 January

by the RCDP for their

heroic acts of volunteering

this past incredible year at the 

Bosworth Awards

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20 May 2021

Time: 6:00 pm

Please join us for the last club meeting

of the 2020 - 2021 season.

 13 May - Agenda emailed to members

20 May (morning) - Zoom invite via email.

For more info, contact us at

15 April Meeting

Our thanks to Nettie Washington who spoke with us about her own and her family's long history of volunteering and public service.     


18 March Meeting 

Our thanks to Carole Nelson for telling us about the Republican Party's push to

recall Governor Newsom. 

Amended Bylaws were approved and are on their way to the RCDP to maintain our charter.

18 February Meeting

Our thanks to Erin Teran,

for her insight into  the challenges of campaigning during the time of Covid.


21 January Meeting - 

      Our thanks to Jose Arballo, Jr.,

Senior Public Information Specialist for RUHS, for his informative discussion of  the Covid Vaccine distribution issues. 

Check out the RUHS Coronavirus Page 


19 November Meeting - 

  • New Board Members elected! 

  • Nov. Elections Discussed 

  • New Georgia Senate Run-off Campaign 


15 October Meeting -

A big thanks to Congressman Raul Ruiz,

for his insight into what's going on in Washington and the importance of electing local officials who will support sane and safe guidelines in fighting this pandemic!